Monday, December 8, 2014

3 new investigators this week!

This week was pretty good. I had a few rough days when I was feeling stressed early on in the week, but thanks to the adjusting to missionary life manual and prayer I was able to get back to normal pretty quick. We had some good success with some of the investigators who haven't been progressing much (R_ and the N_). We have been bold with inviting them to commitments, they have had really good experiences and their understanding has increased. They still have a long way to go, but I feel that they are closer to progressing than ever before. They finally are building a desire to keep the commitments they make, so hopefully that desire will work in them.

We found 3 new investigators through a part-member family that has been worked with in the past, and they seem to really be interested again in the church as Christmas has come along. They loved the "He is the Gift" video. Everyone we have showed the video to has loved it and many have shared it. R_ was so excited about it that when someone liked the video on facebook after he shared it he texted us to let us know and was very enthusiastic about sharing the gift with everyone. We committed him to upload an "ice-bucket challenge" style video to nominate a friend to also share the gift. We did this using the printable sign on We have a lot of members that are going to do it as well, and we will keep doing it to help spread the He is the Gift Initiative, and hopefully find some people through it. I think it would be a great idea for each of you to upload a video to facebook of you sharing how you have shared the gift and then nominate a friend to do so as well (members or non-members). Try to get other members to do it too, so we can make this really big!

I am doing well, and am excited for this upcoming week. The rest of the district seems to be doing well also. Elder Kroch is beginning to understand people a little bit more, and is quite a bit more confident. 

No snow yet, and it probably won't happen at all this year (again) so I guess I might not see snow in England. 

As far as my weight is concerned, I am settled at about 155 lbs or so. I just lost a ton of fat that I didn't realize I had. You have to remember I gained about 10 lbs in the MTC. I am eating the same amount as when I was home, and on some occasions a bit more. We had 9 dinner appointments this week, so I think we are doing pretty good! Don't worry, I feel better than ever, you just won't recognize me when I get home! (just kidding, that doesn't work when I keep sending pictures!)

Thanks for everything you do! I love you guys!!! Sorry I don't have any pictures for you, I forgot to bring my card reader. Hope you all have a great week.
Elder Brown

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