Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Share the Gift of Christ!

This week has been pretty good. It absolutely flew by! We met a few really cool people early on in the week, but they dropped us last minute at the end of the week. Although we have had quite a few people fall through on us we got back in contact with others and we continued to find new people. This week should be really good hopefully. 

Christmas Lights.

We went finding together as a district using whiteboards again which was a lot of fun. The district is becoming more unified, and we have had a lot of opportunities to work together this week as we had an exchange, had a service project that we got to do together for our Ward Mission Leader, in addition to district meeting and the district finding. It was great to be strengthened by their friendship and hard work!

The Exchange was with Elder Hafen in his own area. It was a very good exchange and we both learned a lot. We had quite a few miracles, and it was well balanced with finding and teaching. Elder Hafen is a good missionary, and is working hard. 

I have to wear sweaters and a coat nearly everyday, thermals help a lot! I am keeping warm thanks to all that. It didn't snow last year, but people are saying it will this time. We Shall SEE!

We go to the temple on the 18th,  Thursday this week.

I don't know if you remember from last week how I asked all of you to share the "He is the Gift" video to facebook, but I want to take it a bit further. If you could all choose one special thing to do this Christmas to share the love of Christ, write it on one of these signs: http://edge.mormoncdn.org/bc/static/pdf/eng/ShareTheGiftSign.pdf, record a video of yourselves nominating a friend to also #sharethegift that would be great. We want to make this huge. Remember small and simple things can do a lot Alma 37:6-7! 

 "You have been nominated to #share the gift! Elder Brown nominated Brandon Fuher, Spencer Hale, Jon Jacobs, Caleb Henrod, Nichole Davidson, Natalie Christiansen, Tyler Beagly, Travis Beagley, Karissa Garner, Trenna McMullin, Mike McMullin, Tina Ince, Melissa Green, Josh Barton, and Samuel Stevenson and every other person that reads this.to share the gift of life, love, and peace. 

To share the gift:
2. Watch and share the video to facebook, twitter, google+, etc
3. Choose something special to do this chrsitmas to share love, life, and peace with others
4. Write it on a sign (you can print it from here: http://edge.mormoncdn.org/bc/static/pdf/eng/ShareTheGiftSign.pdf)
5. Upload a video of yourself to facebook or another network in which you nominate at least 1 other friend to also share the gift.

Elder Brown sends his love for you all, and wishes you a Happy Christmas season!
P.S: If anyone wishes to contact Elder Dailen Brown, they can email him at dailen.brown@myldsmail.net"

Thanks so much for all you do! I love you!!!

Elder Brown


The food picture was taken at a dinner appointment on exchange in which the members made Cambodian food for Elder Kroch, who was in my area at the time and I ate it on his behalf!!! LOL it was so yummy! 

These are of us trekking through the muddiest area I have ever been in. We walked to Eccles to contact a referral who wasn't even home! 

The cheapest possible advert for a fried chicken place that isn't KFC, but looks like it (pretty sure this is illegal!)

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