Monday, March 2, 2015

Umbrella's and the Restoration!

This week has been good in some areas, and bad in others. We were able to have members with us for every lesson we taught this week, which was very good! However, our teaching pool has diminished even more, and we are struggling to find new people to teach that last more than one lesson before they drop us. 

We did some creative finding as a district though. Elder Heninger came up with the idea to paint the plan of salvation on an umbrella to help make contacting in the rain more appealing. They have used it a few times, and reported that it works and is fun! We have started to make our own, but to illustrate the restoration instead. 

We also came together as a district and planned with the Sharpes for some ways we can soften peoples hearts through creative finding and service. We came up with a variety of ideas, and each of us has an assignment this week to prepare what we need, and to get info for some activities. Hopefully these new methods will help bring greater excitement to us, and have the desired effect on the community. 

We have set a goal in faith for 5 new investigators this week, and will work as hard as we can to speak to everyone.

I need to start doing my family history a bit more, because they are again emphasizing the my family packet, which to be honest I have done almost nothing with yet.

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