Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Hit the ground running as a Zone Leader!

 I love the new responsibilities! Missionary work no longer is stressful when your work as a leader is more intense than anything else you do! LOL. The responsibilities as a zone leader is basically like the difference between a bishop and a Stake president. Same responsibilities, just on a bigger scale, and you lead/train leaders who lead/train others. 

This week absolutely flew by! When you become a Zone Leader, you are truly thrown right into it, full swing, you hit the ground running, and if you don't you end up battered and bruised! LOL.

We had so much we had to plan this week. I arrived and met my new companion, Elder Hare, Wednesday afternoon. That night we accounted with the assistants about how the zone has done this last transfer, etc. Then Thursday we started organizing baptismal date information in the zone and a lot of other stuff for the stake. We planned and received revelation on exchanges with our District Leader's for this transfer. We were assigned a topic to speak on for the Mission leadership council so we had only a tiny bit of time to prepare for that. We accounted that night with the District Leader's in the zone.

Friday we had mission leadership council, which took virtually all day, and then we had to prepare our zone goals. Saturday was our only day to really work, and it still somehow ended up being taken up by planning and service, and more Zone work. Sunday we had a stake young single adult correlation that we go to as the Zone Leader's. After that we did accounting with District Leader's and Assistants with the President's which took the rest of the evening! 

Out of the last 5 days I think we were to bed on time only once. Even with all of that we were able to teach both of our baptismal dates, and a few others which gave us 7 lessons for the week. Busy, Busy, Busy! Has been tons of fun though! Oh... and we also had to go over to council a companionship in our zone that has been struggling with getting along, and obedience, etc. So it really flew by!!

I took Elder Jackmans place, which is really fun because Elder Hare and I automatically had a lot of silly things in common which we picked up from serving with him. Our relationship is super solid already.

The Zone is pretty unique. Elder Hare has been out 14 months and has been Zone leader for only 6 weeks, I am a brand new Zone Leader, We have a lot of very young District Leader's, and one is brand new, the other was emergency moved into being District Leader 3 weeks ago. 

In addition we have two of my past companions in the zone. Elder Alambra and Elder Simpson. Everyone else has very interesting personalities and I think this transfer can really go super well in the zone because of the unique personalities of each missionary here. Also we live in a flat with two other elders who are technically in a different district then us, but they cover the same area, just with the Spanish speaking ward. It should be an exciting end to my mission! Good last area! 

 As for different ethnicity, I can't tell you how many we have come across. It depends on if you count all of the different African countries and even tribes as separate ethnicity. TONS AND TONS is what I would say. It is more African here than anything else. The ward is probably the most born-again ward in the church. The Africans are so sincere, and they have a powerful way of reading scriptures and praying. I love it!!

Peckham London is the best!! Dirt cheap fried chicken and fries sold on every street corner. Public transportation is quick and all paid by a credit card type thing that you just place on a scanner and you use it for everything, buses, trains, and underground railway. There are so many Africans that always love to talk about Jesus! There is a big Young Single Adult ward in the church, and a lot of solid members here! if there was one word to describe London, it would be BUSY.

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