Monday, June 15, 2015

Elder Holland came to our ward!

This week was hectic, but it went by fast, and was still enjoyable. We had a lot of planning and a small amount
of finding in an area we don't know anything about (I never even came on exchange here) but we had a lot of success, and we are building a decent teaching pool so far. 
Lots of miracles are happening.

Elder Holland is a beast, we had the mission conference on Friday which was epic, and then we saw him again on Sunday as he attended our new ward. I got to shake his hand for the second time on Friday which was cool. Very brief getting to speak to him though. 

He said over the pulpit that he shook our hands so that he could have a personal interview with us by looking into our eyes. I am sure he can discover a lot that way. He is
a spiritual guy. He is extremely humorous as well. He told loads of old stories. He served his mission here so of course he had the memories coming back.

 It has been pretty warm around here as well, but not near as hot as over there.  So the area that closed is Peckham Zone (my area), but obviously the zone leaders still exist, so we now just work the Wandsworth area. So now it is Wandsworth Zone area. We are in the Wandsworth ward, and Peckham no longer has 6 missionaries. They only have four. It's a bit hard to describe without making it confusing

I love you all, and hope you have a great week. 

Here is a picture of my new companion.  He is a machine, beast worker, and good teacher. We are hoping to baptize more than one person this transfer, but who knows.

Companion watches for £5 each, pretty cool.

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