Monday, June 15, 2015

We are here to help others! 5/25/2015

The reason we are really here isn't just to learn and grown ourselves, but to help others to do so. Our efforts simply result in a side effect of our own growth. 

This week was really good. I don't know what did it, but I was just sooooooo happy after accounting on Sunday. Recently I have been relatively stressed, not too much, but I just wasn't as happy as I had been before, it was like I was just going on, not struggling, but not excited or really joyful. But I am, so happy to have that feeling back. 

This work really is the best thing anyone could ever do. We changed our way of accounting for other lessons back to the way it was when I first came out. We now count 2 principles, a commitment, and a prayer as a lesson again. We really felt as leaders that this needs to come back. We learned a lot as a mission from the changes we made 9 months ago, and we feel now that the missionaries are ready to go back to the old way which will become much more effective, because we all have learned not to worry about the numbers, but about the people, but many of us still need the push to get out more and be more diligent in speaking with everyone. 

We gave a really good presentation on sacred street lessons in our zone conference, and we have seen great miracles already from the change back. Missionaries in our zone are more excited for the work, I think all of this may have helped result in my happiness, because a lot of my joy is based upon the success I hear and see from those I have been able to help. 

We got a new baptismal date. He was referred online by his brother, and is agnostic, but he said that he feels like now is the time for him to find God, and when we spoke about baptism as a new start, he said that is exactly what I need, so he is preparing for baptism for the 21st of June! He is proper prepared!

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