Monday, June 1, 2015

Lots of cool People!

The man we had set up for baptism this weekend isn't ready yet, we haven't seen him hardly at all this week. He is still interested, but he is just struggling with other things. We had a pretty good week though. We taught one lady who was an online referral. On the information it just said she wanted a Book of Mormon and was willing to be baptized! So we called her up, met her a few days later and extended a baptismal date for the June 27. She is soooooo cool.
Wonderful African lady. 

We met a lot of other cool people as well, and one guy who lost his partner (wife, but not married) the day before we
met him, and he was really thankful for our visit, and kept saying we are a light in this area. It was pretty sad, but cool to see that we were led to him when he needed us.

Faithful unto Life Eternal

Just a few swaggular photos for you.

  Elder Brown and Elder Harris

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