Monday, June 8, 2015

Moving to Wandsworth Flat!

This week was crazy and went by soooooooooo fast. We had a really spiritual Family Home Evening with a less active member from South Africa. Her friend came in at the very end and was surprised to have a spiritual experience. She enjoyed it a lot and I hope that she will want to investigate the church because of it. 

The rest of the week was crazy, we had to pass on all of our investigators to the other Peckham elders because we are moving to the Wandsworth flat. They are closing an area, but not a flat, so we are moving to that area to fill the flat instead of being in the tiny four man flat that we are in now. Moveing is so crazy this time around. I don't even know where to

Me and my new companion, Elder Camadeco will be whitewashing into the Wandsworth area which means that both elders are new to the area.

Elder Ribeiro has only been in the mission for a month. He will become a trainer and a district leader at the same time, because of a couple of things going on. A Mexican elder is coming into the mission in need of a trainer and Kennington
needs Spanish speakers. Normally training takes twelve weeks, but Elder Ribeiro only got 4 weeks! 

Many of the district boundaries are changing in the zone, which makes things crazy right now. I don't even know, but this transfer is going to be a good one because I am going to make it a good one.

This Sunday we had a stake conference broadcast for all stakes in the UK, Ireland and Nordic areas. Elder Holland presided at the meeting, and gave the most epic talk and testimony of the Book of Mormon and the last days. It was
sooooooooo good!

Here are a few pictures 

 Second to last Dinner Appointment with Elder Harris, might be the last time I see elder Mannucci, and the last Dinner Apointment with sister Audio, aka mama fufu. 

Elder Brown, Sister Audio, Elder Harris

 Elder Harris, Andrea Manucci, Elder Brown

My own homemade fufu and chocolate soup.
 I Americanised the African food!

 Elder Harris and fufu

      Elder Brown Wearing his new beaded tie from Ghana,   
                     I got it from a member in Peckham.

 Birthday for elder Wessman

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